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Month: June 2017

Beware of parking lot accidents

You may not realize it, but parking lots are actually some of the most likely places for you to end up in a car accident.In fact, 20 percent of all car accidents take place in parking lots -- and they actually account for around 14 percent of damage claims and more...

Crash and resulting fire take 4 lives

A crash just before one o'clock in the morning caused a car with four people inside to burst into flames. Everyone in the vehicle was killed. The authorities were not even sure how many people had been inside until they got the fire under control, according to...

Can you trust your pharmacy?

Across the nation, pharmacy errors seem to be on the rise -- but the evidence is largely anecdotal, because there's no national system for tracking the number of pharmacy errors that are made and drug stores aren't required to report them.What seems certain, however,...

How to safely operate an SUV

Safely operating a vehicle is important for not only you, but those in your vehicle and those on the roads around you. There is a big difference between driving a car and driving an SUV. The difference is that SUVs have a higher chance of rollover when driven at high...


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