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7 children and 2 adults injured in car accident

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2017 | Car Accidents

A car accident in Houston left seven children with injuries and hurt nine people overall.

Reports indicate that the driver who allegedly caused the accident may have been under the influence. That driver is 25 years old and the Houston Police Department says that six charges are pending right now, all for intoxication assault.

The wreck happened right before midnight. The driver accused of causing the crash was in a silver Lexus, heading south. That car left the southbound lanes, drove into oncoming traffic, and hit a red Ford Expedition. Both cars were destroyed in the crash.

There were three kids and two adults in the Expedition, all of whom suffered injuries. There was at least an adult driver in the Lexus and four children.

Police aren’t more precisely sure on the counts because a Cadillac came to the accident scene after the crash. Reports then claim all of the people in that Lexus left the scene in the Cadillac.

Emergency crews immediately treated those who had been in the Ford, taking the ones who needed it to Memorial Hermann Hospital. The others had left, but they all arrived on their own at Memorial Hermann Hospital Southeast in the morning. Some of those children had injuries that were classified as serious, and authorities say the alleged driver showed signs of being under the influence.

Drunk drivers put everyone at risk, and leaving the scene can make things even more difficult when treatment is delayed. When children are hurt, it’s critical that they and their parents know what legal options they may have to compensation.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Nine injured, including seven children, in southeast Houston crash,” Margaret Kadifa, accessed June 09, 2017


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