Distracted driving has become an epidemic across the country and Texas is no different. With cellphones running our lives, many don’t know how to put them down when behind the wheel of a car. Because of this, accidents can occur due to distracted driving. But, distracted driving doesn’t just include cellphone use. Here are some tips for spotting a distracted driver in Texas.

One of the most common signs of a distracted driver is when the vehicle in front of you brakes suddenly. Now, there are times when sudden braking just happens. But, most of the time, it’s because the driver was distracted and noticed too late that traffic in front of them was stopped or coming to a stop.

If you ever pass another vehicle on the road and the driver is wearing headphones, this is a big sign of a distracted driver. This is a very unsafe driving practice that has become all too common across Texas. People love to listen to their music from their phone or music player, which is why they plug headphones into those devices. Wearing headphones can alter your state of mind and prevent you from hearing sirens.

If the vehicle in front of you is having trouble staying in a straight line, it is a sign of a distracted driver. This happens when the vehicle keeps veering away from or towards the lines on the roadway. They could be distracted for a variety of reasons, including looking for something, using a mobile phone, talking to a passenger, changing the radio stations, eating and much more.

Cars that exhibit lengthy pauses at intersections are typically driven by distracted drivers. If a driver takes more than a few seconds to react to a traffic light turning green, it’s a sure sign that they are distracted with something else at the moment.

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