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Teen documents instances of Houston residents’ bad driving

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2017 | Firm News

It’s easy to become a white-knuckle driver after a few forays onto the Houston freeway system, where bad driving behaviors are seen in drivers from all demographic groups.

Youthful, inexperienced drivers certainly bear their share of allegations of distracted driving, speeding, blowing through red lights and other common traffic offenses. But one 18-year-old Houston resident has taken on a project designed to document the egregious motoring mistakes caught by his dash cam.

Smile, you’re on dash cam video

The young man bought and installed his device to have additional documentation to back his version of events in the event that he got into a collision with another driver. While that still remains one of its purposes, the teen realized that he had a potential treasure trove of archived footage at his disposal.

There is no algorithm to guarantee which video will go viral on YouTube, but the driver was inspired by similar clips he found while searching the site. Videos of near-tragedies and heart-stopping encounters with big-rig behemoths that were filmed by drivers’ in other states inspired this driver to create a channel dedicated to dangerous driving experiences here in Houston.

Thus, “Bad Drivers of Houston” was born. His 40-odd videos display some of the worst examples of out-of-control road rage, aggressive trucks riding roughshod next to smaller passenger cars carrying children and the reckless disregard of others’ safety by luxury car owners swooping in to nab prime parking spots.

Accident footage can work like a charm as evidence

YouTube aspirations aside, discovering that an individual, agency or business has video or photographic evidence showing another party’s guilt in the accident that totaled your vehicle and left you with serious injuries is golden.

The proliferation of dash cam videos on privately-owned cars and trucks and state, city and county public vehicles are a game-changer. No longer are inconsistent and contradictory witness accounts the go-to gold standard of evidence in criminal and civil trials.

Prosecutors and personal injury attorneys can seek out these valuable video records that can tank an at-fault driver’s sworn testimony that he or she had the right of way at the time a serious accident or fatality occurred.

Hit-and-run drivers may run, but they can no longer hide

Hit-and-run cases have historically been difficult to prosecute or win judgments for in civil courts in Texas. Simply put, if the at-fault party can’t be identified, he or she can’t be held legally liable. While these videos are not always going to exist in every accident case, as more and more drivers install dash cams on their vehicles, the evidence pool will expand as well.

That’s good news for all Houston accident victims and their families.


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