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Relief supplies continue to Houston after fatal head-on wreck

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2017 | Uncategorized

Hurricane Harvey continues to rack up collateral victims, as two people died following a head-on collision with a semitruck carrying relief supplies for the storm victims in southeast Texas, officials reported.

The fatal accident occurred on Wednesday, Aug. 30, shortly after 6 p.m. According to the chief of the Wilmer Fire Department, it happened almost at the junction of the Dallas and Ellis County lines on I-45 at Malloy Bridge Road.

In his interview with local media station NBC 5, the fire chief stated that a car headed north crossed over the median, striking the southbound tractor-trailer loaded down with emergency supplies for those in the hurricane zone.

Some supplies still able to be delivered

While the truck driver suffered only minor injuries, the two people in the automobile died. Fire department personnel attempted to save as much cargo as possible so that the relief supplies could still reach their Houston destination.

The double fatality caused the southbound lanes of the interstate to shut down from Malloy Bridge until around 1 a.m. the following morning.

Head-on collisions most dangerous of all

Officials have not disclosed the reason for the passenger vehicle to cross the median into oncoming traffic. Whether the driver was impaired, distracted or even sleepy behind the wheel is unknown.

In a single year, as many as 1,700 individuals died as a result of injuries they suffered in head-on collisions. A third of United States drivers will get involved in fatal wrecks during their lives.

Sadly, some of those deaths could have been avoided had the drivers had the presence of mind to use techniques for driving defensively.

Defensive driving can save lives

Hopefully, you will never be in the position where you must avoid a full-frontal impact wreck. But it is always best to be prepared for any eventuality. Keeping that in mind, the below tips for avoiding head-on collisions could one day save your life.

  • Drivers should scan the highway in front of them. Be especially alert when approaching intersections, curves and hills to what may be coming your way.
  • Don’t speed. Lower speeds reduce the impact and damages from accidents and also give drivers a few extra seconds to react to obstacles and danger.
  • Never drive when fatigued or impaired by alcohol or drugs (legal or otherwise).
  • Keep your vehicle right of the center line. Leave a few inches of space between you and the edge of the line, so if another driver misjudges and crosses over, you can quickly mover closer to the shoulder.

Taking fast action when a car hurtles toward you may save your life, your passengers’ lives and even the lives of those in the oncoming vehicle.

If you see a car or truck heading your way in your lane, you need to do several things quickly and simultaneously. Blow your horn to alert them and other drivers, decrease speed and move to the right out of its way. Hitting a ditch or guardrail is preferable to having a head-on collision.

When a collision is inevitable, turn your vehicle to strike the other on the right side rather than fully head-on to decrease the collision impact.

Surviving the accident with as few injuries as possible should be the ultimate goal. Keep in mind that it may be necessary to take legal action against the at-fault driver and his or her insurance company.


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