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Did another driver cause your vehicle to rollover?

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2017 | Vehicle Rollovers

With the exception of head-on collisions, vehicle rollover accidents are among the deadliest types of crashes. Accounting for no more than 3 percent of all accidents, vehicle rollovers are responsible for roughly 30 percent of all auto accident deaths.

Many newer model automobiles use technology to make cars less prone to rollover accidents. But because there are limits to the wonders of technology, drivers can improve their survival odds by always wearing seat belts.

To understand why these types of collisions are so inherently dangerous, one must first understand a few things about rollovers. The design of some pickups, SUVs and vans make them inherently more likely to roll over because their centers of gravity are higher.

When these kinds of vehicles are traveling at high speeds on highways and other roads, they can begin to sway dangerously. Sometimes windy weather exacerbates the problem and they wind up tipping over and tumbling down the highway.

Drivers may notice that their vehicles are swaying and overcorrect by jerking the steering wheel too hard in one direction. This causes even more problems.

Some manufacturing flaws can affect the vehicle and cause it to be more susceptible to rolling over. If you were injured in a rollover collision and another party or driver is liable, don’t take the law into your own hands.

It’s far better to fight back legally, in the Houston civil court system. Filing a personal injury lawsuit can help you recoup some of the medical bills and expenses for the treatment of your injuries, as well as other potential damages.

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