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Which are Houston’s most hazardous intersections?

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2017 | Car Accidents

With Houstonians enjoying (or cursing) the rare December snowfall, it might be a good time to warn drivers of the city’s top two most dangerous intersections.

The Texas Department of Public Safety complied data over a period of five years. They determined that the absolute worst intersection for accidents was Interstate 45 North and Beltway 8. During that time-frame, 744 collisions occurred.

The second most hazardous intersection in Houston is the juncture of I-10 with 610 East. That location has had 731 wrecks in the past five years.

What makes these two intersections so dangerous? In many cases, it’s due to high speeds and merging drivers who don’t signal their intentions. Drivers wind up getting cut off, and collide with traffic.

A Houston first-responder who has seen losses of life due to these collisions states that it’s his opinion that distracted drivers are the number one reason for the majority of accidents occurring.

“Distracted driving is number one, whether it be texting or messing around with something in the car,” he said. He also noted that the heavy traffic and the often-confusing roads add to the hazards.

If you wind up injured in an accident at these danger hotspots in Houston — or anywhere else —your life can be irrevocably altered as a result. The medical bills and rehabilitative costs can derail your finances. Combined with the time away from work during your recuperation, a single accident can be catastrophic to every facet of your life.

This is why it’s important for injured drivers and passengers to hold at-fault drivers liable for the full extent of the financial limits of their insurance policies.

Source: Click2 Houston, “These are the most dangerous intersections in Houston,” Andrea Slaydon, Dec. 06, 2017


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