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Categories of damages after a car accident

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2018 | Uncategorized

The victims of catastrophic car accidents usually suffer from serious injuries that take a long time — and a lot of medical rehabilitation — to heal. The medical services required to heal from catastrophic injuries will be costly and unaffordable. As such, a personal injury claim stemming from the accident will usually focus on seeking compensation for medical costs.

However, there are a lot more categories of damages that could come into play after a serious collision.

A list of damages compensable following a car accident

Here are some of the most common types of damages that car accident plaintiff pursue.

Disfigurement: This relates to the disfigurement and deformation suffered by a plaintiff after a serious injury. Plaintiffs can try to seek financial compensation for the permanent scars and other changes caused by their injuries.

Current and future medical expenses: Not only can plaintiffs seek money for the costs of medical expenses incurred, but they can project future costs to determine a reasonable amount of compensation to pay for these bills.

Household services: After a debilitating injury, plaintiffs may be permanently or temporarily disabled and unable to take care of house and home. The costs of hiring a household assistant to take care of these and other tasks might be included in a claim for damages.

Lost enjoyment of life: Imagine the plaintiff used to enjoy ice skating or horseback riding on the weekends. If the injuries have caused the plaintiff to be unable to enjoy life in the same way, he or she can seek compensation for this.

Lost wages and lost earning capacity: When a plaintiff loses his or her earning capacity due to a permanent disability, a financial calculation of the lost current and future earnings should be included in the claim for damages.

Mental anguish, pain and suffering: Plaintiffs often suffer emotional distress and extreme physical pain and suffering as a result of their injuries. These damages are financially compensable in some cases.

Were you seriously hurt in an auto collision?

The above list of compensable damages is not exhaustive. If you suffered serious injuries following a car accident — and you’re considering filing a lawsuit for damages — you’ll want to consider every category of damages that could apply to your unique circumstances and injuries before moving forward with a claim.


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