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Smartwatches add to distraction while driving

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2018 | Distracted Driving

One of the latest trends is wearable technology. Smartwatches are sported on the wrists of those eager to join the ranks of the always-connected.

But while the concept of wearables is certainly fascinating, there are concerns that smartwatches could contribute to the distracted driving problem.

True, they are hands-free in the literal sense, consider that interacting with your smartwatch usually involves removing a hand from the steering wheel. Some people may be able to keep the hand with the watch on the wheel. But they still will have to use their other hand to access a text message or check an update.

You also have to divert your eyes and attention from the road ahead and redirect them to a tiny, lit-up screen. Even if you avoid actively interacting with your wearable while you drive, it still will sound alerts that can cause you to lose focus on the task at hand — driving safely.

What does the law say about wearables?

Because this is a relatively new technology, the laws have yet to catch up with it. But that doesn’t mean that you are off the liability hook when using your wearable device. Courts typically will abide by the laws governing cellphone usage while driving, meaning that a driver with a wearable must treat it as one would a smartphone and not engage with it behind the wheel.

Did you suffer injuries and damages due to a distracted driver wearing a smartwatch? Your Houston personal injury attorney may be able to bolster your claim with evidence of this.

Source: FindLaw, “Smartwatches and Distracted Driving Laws,” George Khoury, Esq., accessed March 23, 2018


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