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Month: April 2018

Keep your teen safe on prom night

Springtime in Houston means it's once again prom season for the high school set. Parents who remember this rite of passage from their own teenage years may worry about their kids getting caught underage drinking or worse, being hurt in a car accident.But however much...

Accident with 2 school buses injures 29

Going on school field trips are always highlights of children's academic years. While they typically are billed as educational events, they are also opportunities for kids to have fun with their friends in a setting outside of the classroom.Few parents consider that...

The causes of vehicle rollovers

A vehicle rollover -- whether there is an initial crash that causes it or not -- can be particularly violent. Victims of rollovers often suffer serious and even fatal injuries. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about the common causes of rollovers and who is...

Mental impact of a collision with a truck

When a person is involved in a serious car accident in Texas, they are likely to suffer physical injuries that will take a great deal of time to heal. They might have to endure a lengthy hospital stay, as well as undergo a protracted rehabilitation.While dealing with...


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