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Accident with 2 school buses injures 29

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

Going on school field trips are always highlights of children’s academic years. While they typically are billed as educational events, they are also opportunities for kids to have fun with their friends in a setting outside of the classroom.

Few parents consider that field trips could turn into a dangerous situation for their offspring. Yet for some Houston 5th graders from the Navasota Independent School District (NISD), that’s exactly what happened this week.

Students at John C. Webb Elementary northwest of Houston set out in three school buses for a tour of a local museum here in Houston. They never arrived, as two of the school buses on which they were riding were involved in a collision with a CenterPoint utility dump truck.

How did this happen?

According to reports from the Houston Fire Department (HFD), the wreck occurred Wednesday morning close to the junction of Highway 290 and Fairbanks North Houston Road. The CenterPoint dump truck rear-ended a school bus, which, in turn, rear-ended the second of three buses.

Of the 94 students and chaperones headed out for the museum field trip, 43 of the schoolchildren suffered no injuries.

That may come as small comfort to the parents of the students and the students themselves. Being involved in a serious collision or even bearing witness to one can leave scars that are not visible. It’s quite possible to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after witnessing carnage on the highway or elsewhere.

Imperative to seek medical treatment for several reasons

That’s one of the primary reasons why those who are involved in motor vehicle accidents should seek medical help to document their injuries. Doing so establishes that you were, indeed, involved in an accident or were a witness to one.

Should medical or psychological problems stemming from the collision manifest at some future point, such a report can help substantiate your claim if you decide to seek financial compensation for your losses and/or damages.

Those who do not get treated could face an uphill battle with the liable party’s insurance carrier should they attempt to file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier.

Often, after a wreck with more than one vehicle, multiple defendants can be named in any lawsuit filed in the Houston civil courts. Plaintiffs who prevail could potentially reap in more compensation as a result.


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