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Mental impact of a collision with a truck

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2018 | Uncategorized

When a person is involved in a serious car accident in Texas, they are likely to suffer physical injuries that will take a great deal of time to heal. They might have to endure a lengthy hospital stay, as well as undergo a protracted rehabilitation.

While dealing with the financial burdens and physical limitations from the collision with the large truck, victims are likely to also be suffering mentally. Being involved in an accident can be extremely traumatic, and it is important for any accident victim to not overlook how they may have been affected mentally.

Mental trauma and truck collisions

When you are a survivor of a collision involving a large commercial vehicle, it is a good idea to monitor the way that you are coping mentally. People are known to react differently, and some reactions to the event may not become apparent until days, weeks or months later. Victims may experience a wide variety of emotions, including depression or anxiety. Some may or start to develop phobias, including the fear of driving. One of the most common conditions that result from a car accident is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

What is PTSD and how do I know if I am suffering from it?

PTSD is a fairly common condition that can result from many different traumatic events. It could develop after the death of a loved one, experiencing a violent incident or after being involved in a car accident. It is likely that you are suffering from PTSD if you are experiencing frequent flashbacks from the incident, feel constantly anxious and on edge or if you start to feel depressed and not feel like engaging in the activities that you used to enjoy. You may also develop a phobia of driving or of even riding invehicles if you are suffering from post-accident PTSD.

What can I do if I am suffering from PTSD?

If your doctor has diagnosed you with PTSD, you will need to go through therapy in order to work through your fears. It may be possible to claim damages in order to pay for these mental health costs after you have been involved in a truck accident in Texas.


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