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Why is abdominal pain dangerous after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2018 | Uncategorized

Car accidents often leave victims with delayed pain injuries much worse than they realize, which may worsen over time and only cause pain hours or even days later. For victims who forego seeking medical examinations after accidents, abdominal injuries pose significant dangers. Untreated internal injuries and/or bleeding can swiftly prove fatal to victims before they seek treatment.

After any car accident, it is always a good idea to get a medical exam even if you don’t believe that you suffered any injuries. Thorough medical exams give doctors the opportunity to identify delayed pain injuries before they worsen, potentially saving lives. If injuries are diagnosed, the doctor’s notes establish a link between the accident and any subsequent personal injury claim that gets filed. You could get the costs of your treatment covered and receive compensation for other losses from the accident by filing a claim for damages.

If you choose to wait until you feel any pain to seek treatment after a car accident, your injuries may be much worse by the time they receive medical attention. In the case of abdominal injuries, this may be too late.

Organ damage

Delayed abdominal pain after a car accident may arise from a number of injuries, some of which are not just painful but potentially deadly. For instance, abdominal pain may result form whiplash affecting the torso muscles, which may not hurt until hours after accident occurs. This soreness may last for a number of days or more than a week, but is ultimately not too harmful.

Much more dangerous, however, are organ damage and internal bleeding. If you suffer damage to one or more of your organs during the accident, you may not feel anything for a while, because your body will still attempt to run itself normally, using the damaged organs as much as it can while attempting to repair them.

However, in many cases, a damaged organ soon becomes a failed organ. Once an organ fails, the pain is immense, and the rest of the organs in the body may also begin failing. Without swift, effective treatment at this point, a victim may die a slow and painful death.

Internal bleeding

Internal bleeding presents two separate threats that may both harm or kill a victim. Blood loss, whether internal or external, is very dangerous, especially if it does not clot properly. After an injury causes enough blood loss, the victim simply cannot function and may lose consciousness.

However, relatively small injuries that cause internal bleeding may also develop infections at the site of the injury. In some cases, this is even more dangerous than the bleeding itself. An infected internal injury may easily spread that infection throughout a victim’s body, causing sepsis to set in. This is another deadly condition that often kills its victims who do not receive immediate medical interventions.

No matter how serious or relatively minor your car accident seems when it occurs, you should prioritize your own health and safety by seeking medical treatment as soon as you can.


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