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Can semitrucks travel in the left lane in Texas?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2018 | Truck Accidents

You’re headed down I-10 and wind up stuck behind a semitruck riding in the left lane. With nothing to see but the rear of the big rig’s bumper, your drive quickly becomes monotonous.

You want to pass, but there’s no room. You wonder whether the trucker will ever move over into the right lane.

As it turns out, your frustration is warranted, as it’s dangerous for slower-moving vehicles like semitrucks to ride in the left lane when not passing or allowing room for vehicles entering the highway from on-ramps.

Slower vehicles riding in the left lane of multi-lane highways contribute to dangerous traffic problems and accidents, which increase when speed changes suddenly and trucks and cars switch lanes frequently.

When drivers get stuck behind slow-moving semitrucks, they tend to hop from lane to lane to jockey for the best position. But what might actually occur is a deadly multivehicle wreck.

Here in Texas, all vehicles must drive in the right lane unless they are making a left turn or passing other vehicles. They are obligated to obey traffic control devices that limit vehicular traffic to the right lanes.

If you get into an accident with a semitruck because its driver refused to move back over into the right lane after passing other vehicles, this could be a factor pointing to the truck driver’s liability for the accident. When you file your claim for damages or personal injury lawsuit for the accident, this is an important point to cite.

Your injuries may be extensive and your medical bills quite costly after an accident with a big rig. Financial recovery through the filing of a claim can provide you with much-needed relief.


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