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Here’s what to do if you’re hit by a car

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2018 | Uncategorized

When a car accident isn’t your fault, it is important that you take steps to protect yourself and your interests. You may think the case is pretty simple, but depending on the other party’s actions, it could be more complicated than you think.

Immediately after a crash that is not your fault, you need to to stay calm, even if you’re furious at the other driver. Check others who may be in your vehicle and make sure they’re okay. If they need assistance, don’t move them unless it’s necessary for their safety. Call 911 and provide whatever care is possible until help arrives.

If everyone is in a position to do so, it’s a good idea to get your vehicles off the road. This helps prevent other motorists from causing secondary collisions. Some drivers do not pay attention, so they could cause further injuries to those involved in the crash by hitting them a second time.

What should you do if there are minor injuries?

If the injuries are minor and you are able to, you should exchange names, addresses, auto insurance information with the other driver(s). If witnesses are at the scene, do your best to get their names and contact information. You should also take photographs of the scene if you can.

If you are not in a position to do these things, try not to move and remain where the emergency care team can access you. You should go to the hospital immediately regardless of your perceived condition, since you may not be fully aware of the injuries you’ve suffered.

The other party’s insurance company should provide you with compensation to cover lost days at work, injuries and medical bills as well as damage to your vehicle. However, if the other party tries to claim they are not at fault, it could cause a dilemma. It’s wise to speak to the police and to assert that you believe the other party is at fault. Do not apologize or give any indication that you might have played a role in causing the crash.

The right attitude following a crash and the right steps put you in a good position to obtain compensation from the other party. Those who crash into other people should be held responsible for their actions. Filing an insurance claim is one way to do that.


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