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How safe is your teen on homecoming night?

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2018 | Distracted Driving

Autumn is in the air in Houston. The mornings are crisper and cooler and the evenings longer. There’s the scent of wood smoke from bonfires and the sounds of football games echoing off high school stadium walls.

To parents of teenagers, that means homecoming time is here. While you want your teen to enjoy this high school rite of passage, you also want to keep them safe. Here’s what you need to know:

Leave the driving to professionals

Exuberant teens with little driving experience can face a plethora of dangers on homecoming night. Even when they avoid the pitfalls of underage drinking and driving or taking drugs, they still could pack too many kids into the car or show off by stunting behind the wheel.

It might not even be your teen who endangers themselves and the others riding with them. It could be a passenger in the car or even kids in another car on the road that create hazards. By hiring a reputable limo service to ferry the kids to the restaurant, the dance and back home, there will always be a sober and experienced driver in charge of the vehicle.

Insist on a curfew

Teen dances usually end by midnight. Your teen might want to grab a snack with friends afterward, so allowing a little extra time for that is reasonable. But underage kids have no business staying out until 2 or 3 a.m., even on homecoming night.

Get to know your teen’s date (and their friends)

This applies for all situations, not just homecoming night, but is especially important now. Often, teens go to homecoming dances with dates whom they do not know very well or with a different group of friends. Ask who will be accompanying them that night and get a few phone numbers in the event of an emergency.

Should your teen get into an accident on homecoming night, be prepared to be their legal advocate in any personal injury claim that could arise from the accident.


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