A lot can happen in 18 years. Children are born and reach their maturity in that time span. Courtships begin, turn into marriages that subsequently wind up in divorce court. If you are a Texas resident, however, that specific time frame has a much more grislier context.

It’s the length of time our state has gone since no one has died on the highways and byways of Texas. It’s hard to fathom that the last day an individual died in a traffic fatality in Texas was in November of the year 2000.

As stated by one Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) public information officer, “We have drivers [who] are 16 years old who’ve never seen a deathless day. So that is definitely something to point out.”

Last year alone, more than 3,700 persons died on Texas roads. Just in Houston, there were 242 deaths, far more than in many other Texas cities.

The public information officer added that the deaths came from “crashes that are the result of drunk driving, distracted driving, speeding.”

Not using seat belts and child restraints is another preventable cause that also contributes to the highway fatality rates.

The official noted that TxDOT is committed to finding ways to build roads that are safer and able to compensate for drivers’ mistakes. She also reminded the public that by making better driving choices, they can prevent many potential collisions.

If one of your family members becomes another one of those unfortunate crash statistics due to another driver’s negligence, you should understand that you have a path to justice through the Texas civil court system regardless of the outcomes of any criminal proceedings.