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3 reasons why driving during the holidays is more dangerous

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2018 | Uncategorized

While the holiday season is often a time to be joyful and celebrate with family and friends, it is also a more dangerous time of the year for anyone in a car. The weather itself is often a contributing factor to the increased danger. Roads that are covered in ice or simply wet from the rain can lead to tragic accidents in the Bellaire area.

In addition to bad weather, other drivers also make the roads more hazardous. Here are three reasons why traffic accidents increase around the holiday season.

More traffic

In general, more people are on the roads during the holidays due to events, traveling to a relative’s home and shopping. The increased level of traffic leads to an increased risk of a car accident. Also, you will be sharing the road with drivers that are stressed and frustrated and may be more prone to breaking traffic laws and endangering other people.

Keep a close eye out for drivers behaving erratically and be sure to maintain an appropriate distance from other vehicles so that you have plenty of space to make an emergency maneuver if necessary.

Distracted drivers

People will also be more distracted this time of year. Maybe their phones are ringing nonstop or they are focusing too much on looking for stores where they can buy that perfect gift. Regardless of the reasons, the increased level of distractions can easily result in more traffic accidents. Remember that a phone call or text can wait until you are stopped and that no gift is worth risking an accident due to not paying attention to the vehicles around you.

Drunk drivers

During the holidays, people typically attend more social events such as office parties and family gatherings. At many of these events, alcohol plays a role. This means that there are generally more drunk drivers on the road. If you plan to drink at a holiday event, be sure to make alternate arrangements for transportation so that you have a safe ride home.

While you can control your actions and the decisions you make behind the wheel, you cannot control what other people do. Even though you make every effort to drive safely and obey traffic laws, it might be impossible to avoid a collision with a reckless or negligent driver. If you have been the victim of a car accident, you might be able to file a claim for your injuries and other damages.


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