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How dangerous is driving into the sun’s glaring rays?

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2019 | Car Accidents

Almost anyone will agree that it is easier to drive on a sunny day than on one that is rainy or storm-filled. Fewer will consider the inherent danger that sunlight poses when motorists drive into the sunrise or sunset.

Wearing sunglasses and using the car’s visor to block the worst of the sun’s glare when it rises above and drops below the horizon mitigate the problem somewhat. However, drivers who wear prescription glasses may not have a corresponding pair of prescription sunglasses they can use, and the sun visor doesn’t deflect all of the glare for motorists.

The folks at AAA have a few suggestions for driving when the sun is hovering on the horizon. They include:

  • Reduce speed and use extra caution, especially around school zones
  • Choose an alternate route if this a part of your daily commute
  • When possible, wear polarized sunglasses to help reduce glare
  • Use the lane markings as a guide
  • Allow more distance between you and the car ahead of you
  • Put your headlights on to increase visibility
  • Keep your windshield free of cracks and pitting
  • Wipe both the inside and outside of the windshield frequently, particularly if you smoke in the vehicle
  • Don’t store paperwork above the visor or on the dashboard

Many elements can combine to create the perfect storm for an accident. Driving into the sun is just one of them. Distracted or impaired drivers, vehicles that are not well-maintained and driving recklessly all contribute to traffic accidents, injuries and even deaths.

If you were injured in an auto accident caused by a negligent driver, you need to act quickly to protect your right to seek compensation for any resulting losses and damages.


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