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Some of the most traveled commercial truck routes cross Texas

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2019 | Truck Accidents

Just because Texas sits on the southern border of the United States doesn’t mean that it sees limited interstate commercial travel. In many ways, Texas is actually a transportation hub for the rest of the country.

There are routes that travel both east and west out of Texas that help connect both coasts with the flyover states in the middle. Highways running through Texas also connect the north and south sections of the country, as well as the United States with Mexico. These trucks carry everything from raw materials and produce to finished products ready for sale, from manufacturers or importers to retailers and factories.

As you may expect, given the number of important routes through the state of Texas, there is a large number of commercial trucks that come through the state every day. While all of that commerce may be good for the state, it also increases the risk to other drivers, bicyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians on Texas roadways. More commercial trucks mean a greater overall risk for a collision with a vehicle many times larger than your own.

Texas’s central location makes it particularly dangerous

As a transportation hub that connects many sections of the country, Texas sees commercial traffic flow heading in all directions. Because many of those drivers are not finished with their route when they reach Texas, those individuals may cross into our state after having already been on the road for many hours.

Exhaustion and the stress of being under deadline can impact the decisions that commercial truck drivers make at the wheel. Other drivers in Texas should pay close attention to the driving patterns of trucks in their close proximity. Watching for warning signs of exhaustion and distraction could save your life by helping you avoid a collision with a massive big rig.

Massive trucks can mean catastrophic injuries

The size of massive commercial vehicles makes them particularly dangerous to people in passenger vehicles, on foot, or on bicycles or motorcycles. They are so much larger and so much heavier than smaller vehicles that they can completely demolish a smaller vehicle within seconds.

They also take a lot more skill to properly manage, as they require longer distances to come to a stop and make wide, arcing turns. Knowing the limits of commercial trucks can help you avoid the most dangerous areas near them. However, nothing you do as a driver can completely eliminate the risk caused by a large amount of commercial truck traffic on the roads.

Those who wind up hurt by commercial drivers may have a right to pursue compensation from the driver or their employer depending on what factors contributed to the collision.


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