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Texas jury awards passenger $37 million

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2019 | Car Accidents

A Dallas jury awarded over $37 million to a passenger`who was rendered a quadriplegic when the driver of the Uber she was riding in blew through a red light and was struck by a driver in a pickup.

Defendants in the suit included Uber, the Uber driver, the driver of the pickup truck and the automaker Honda. The woman alleged that the poor design of the van’s seatbelts contributed to her disabling injuries.

Her spine was fractured in the collision, leaving her paralyzed at her mid-chest level with only limited function in her hands.

Honda plans to appeal the case, its spokesperson recently announced. They contend they bear no liability since the Odyssey van’s seatbelts met federal safety standards.

This case demonstrates how there can be multiple defendants who share liability for a victim’s injuries in a collision. This is especially true when ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft are involved, as this is relatively new legal ground for accident liability.

In this young woman’s case, her life is irreparably altered. Instead of graduating from college and beginning her first job, she is recovering at the home of her parents, where it’s likely she will live for the foreseeable future, as she requires round-the-clock care for her most basic and personal needs.

If you or a loved one face a similar situation, you may have several options available to pursue financial recovery after a catastrophic accident. It does not matter if someone was criminally charged in the auto accident, although any subsequent convictions could potentially strengthen your case for compensation.


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