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Are pickup up trucks falling behind on safety?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2019 | Car Accidents

Many things can impact how safe people are when they are traveling out on the roads. This includes what type of vehicle they are in. Not all automobiles are equal when it comes to safety. Recent Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ratings raise questions about how one popular class of vehicles is doing on this front: Pickup trucks.

The ratings point to the 2019 class of pickup trucks possibly falling short on safety in comparison to sedans and SUVs. Of the 11 midsize and full-size crew-cab pickups from the 2019 model year that were tested as part of the ratings, only one was named a Top Safety Pick. Meanwhile, this designation was given to seven midsize sedans and eight midsize SUVs.

Also, the pickups didn’t fair very well in a rigorous front-crash test by the institute. Of the trucks tested, over half received a “poor” or “marginal” rating.

Another safety concern that arises with today’s pickup trucks regards safety features. Certain types of safety tech that generally come standard on sedans are often only available as options for pickups.

How safe do you feel modern pickup trucks are? Do you think they are falling behind on safety? Is there anything in particular you would like to see automakers and lawmakers do to improve pickup truck safety?

Among the things that can have impacts on an auto accident victim’s options for seeking financial relief is whether the vehicle had any safety defects that contributed to the harm he or she suffered. Skilled personal attorneys can help people harmed in pick-up crashes or other motor vehicle collisions with looking into whether product liability claims would be among their legal options.


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