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Semi-truck accidents can be the most catastrophic of all

On Behalf of | May 31, 2019 | Uncategorized

As you wait for the red traffic light to turn green, you listen to music and daydream. However, your daydream suddenly becomes a nightmare when a semi-truck strikes the back of your car.

Apparently, your accident occurred because the semi-truck driver was not paying attention to the traffic in front of him. Now, you are left with major injuries. Fortunately, you have the right to seek compensation for these injuries through the civil court system in Texas.

Dangers of semi-trucks

An accident involving a semi-truck can easily be more destructive than one between passenger cars. The reason for this is because a semi-truck that is fully loaded can weigh up to 20 times what your typical car weighs. In addition, some trucks carry flammable or hazardous materials, like industrial waste and gas. The outcomes of accidents involving these types of trucks can be especially dire.

Examples of semi-truck driver negligence

A semi-truck driver may be deemed negligent if he or she jackknifed the truck due to driving too quickly and then having to suddenly brake and turn. However, jackknifing may not be negligent behavior if the truck driver did this as a result of unforeseeable situations. For example, maybe the truck driver had to make a sudden turn to avoid a stalled motor vehicle, or maybe he did not know the road was slippery in the area that caused him to jackknife.

Another possible example of negligence is if a semi-truck driver turns right onto another road using two lanes instead of one.

Your rights as a victim of a semi-truck accident

Semi-truck drivers have a legal responsibility to exercise care when behind the wheel with the goal of preventing injury to other drivers as well as pedestrians and passengers. However, if the semi-truck driver in your unfortunate incident breached this duty to care for others on the road and caused you serious injuries as a result, you have the right to seek to hold him or her accountable by filing a personal injury claim. You could also name the employer in the lawsuit.

If you can establish liability in the accident, based upon a showing of negligence, you could be entitled to a monetary award that can help you to cover your medical bills and even the loss of wages if your injuries cause you to miss work for a time. Your judicial award of damages may also help you to address any pain and suffering resulting from the accident.


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