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Distracted driving in Texas, nationally a preventable tragedy

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2019 | Distracted Drivinng

“Driver stupidity.”

That road reality stressed in a recent national article is the catalyst that underscores a shocking number of motor vehicle accidents in Texas and across the country.

Here’s a tragically sad car-crash statistic supplied by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: Approximately 78,000 lives have been lost on national streets and highways since 2000 owing to distracted driving.

That is of course beyond lamentable. It is an outrage, especially because innocent people are almost never harmed when drivers around them just operate their vehicles in a reasonably prudent way. Absent behind-the-wheel mistakes, serious and fatal car accident outcomes almost never occur.

The NHTSA once again confirms that via reams of culled empirical evidence. The agency states that a stunning “94 percent of car crashes are caused by human error.”

The above-cited Washington Post piece puts that into dreary and notable perspective by noting this: Reportedly, more Americans have died in motor vehicle accidents since 2000 than did during both World Wars last century.

The realities of distracted and otherwise reckless driving are well noted by an experienced pro-victim personal injury attorney. Drivers and other occupants in passenger vehicles, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians – legions of such individuals and their loved ones are intimately affected by third-party negligence that upends their lives.

Proven legal counsel can often help them respond proactively and meaningfully in the wake of crash-linked injuries and related damages.

Pursuing a remedy marked by maximum compensation can address third-party accountability and help to deter similar outcomes in the future. Moreover, it can help victims and their families pay for medical expenses, recoup lost wages and defray rehabilitation costs, as well as rebuild their lives following an incident that understandably induced great emotional distress.

An experienced personal injury attorney can provide further information.


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