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Be especially careful when you enter Texas intersections

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2019 | Uncategorized

If you drive on Texas roadways, you already know how busy and stressful traffic can be, especially if you’re traveling through a large city such as Houston. There are definitely situations that increase your risk for personal injury. For instance, any time you approach an intersection, you’re at risk for collision if there are other vehicles nearby. There is also increased danger if you’re driving and there are pedestrians in the area.

Keeping your eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel at all times is the most basic means of exercising caution at an intersection. There are other helpful tips, however, that can make navigation of a crossroads a lot less stressful. What if you do everything you’re supposed to do but another driver is negligent and hits you? That’s when it pays to know where to seek support, especially if you suffer injury.

Controlled or uncontrolled?

If you come upon a crossroads where there are no lights or stop signs, the risk for collision is greater. Such intersections are uncontrolled. In a controlled crossing environment, there may be traffic lights, stop signs or mechanized rails (such as those installed at railroad crossings) to help motorists know when to wait and when to proceed.

Just because there is a red light, however, doesn’t guarantee that an approaching vehicle is going to stop, which is why you’re always safest when you pause to make certain no other vehicles are entering the crossroads when you are.

Vision obstructions

Have you ever noticed that some towns plant lovely trees or shrubbery along the road? While it might provide pleasant scenes for travelers, if a tree, bush or other object is too close to an intersection, it can cause impediment to your field of vision. Even a parked vehicle nearby can create blind spots. If a pedestrian or child steps into the road from behind a parked car, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Large commercial vehicles might block your view

There are a lot of commercial vehicles sharing the roadways of Texas. If there’s a smaller vehicle behind one of these massive trucks, you might not be able to see it. Worse, if a small vehicle suddenly changes lanes or tries to go around a truck at an intersection, you might be lying in the back of an ambulance before you even realize what happened.

Driver negligence at intersections

While you may act with caution and alertness each time you approach an intersection, another driver’s disregard for traffic laws and safety regulations can place you in harm’s way. The state allows accident victims who suffered injury because of another driver’s negligence to seek financial recovery for their losses in court.


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