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Certain music can increase the risk of car accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2019 | Car Accidents

Most people in Texas can easily identify some of the most common distracted driving habits, such as talking on the phone, texting and eating. However, many drivers completely overlook a common but serious problem behind the wheel—listening to music. Listening to music is actually linked to a higher rate of car accidents. According to recent research, certain songs are more dangerous than others.

A recent study looked at how music affects drivers’ abilities on the road. Researchers used a driving simulation of a six-lane road and had study participants drive while listening to various songs. Over the course of 70 minutes, the participants changed lanes an average of 20 times. The number of times a driver switched lanes listening to rock music. This genre was also associated with speeding approximately 5 mph over the posted speed limit.

Researchers ultimately concluded that songs with 120 or more beats per minute increase driver speed and willingness to engage in dangerous maneuvers. They also ranked the five most dangerous songs to listen to while driving. Number one was Green Day’s popular song “American Idiot.” Miley Cyrus, the Killers and even Bruce Springsteen also had songs on the top five list.

It might be hard to imagine driving without listening to music, but there are many safe drivers in Texas who keep their radios turned off in order to pay attention to the road. Unfortunately, minimizing personal distractions does not protect people from negligent, reckless or distracted drivers. Individuals who have been car accidents may want to consider whether they were caused by the behavior of other drivers. If so, it may be appropriate to pursue personal injury suits to recover compensation for physical injuries, financial damages and emotional trauma.


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