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Coping with the sudden loss of a loved one? This might help

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2019 | Uncategorized

The day your cell phone rang, you might have suspected there was something wrong because it was an unfamiliar number, and it was the middle of the day, so all your family members were either at work or school. You remembered that one of your loved ones was, in fact, traveling that day. You had a strong feeling that you should answer the call, so you did, and that’s when your life changed forever.

Perhaps it’s been several weeks or longer since the day you learned your loved one had been involved in a motor vehicle collision that resulted in fatal injuries. You can likely relate to many people in Texas who have gone through similar experiences who say they felt like someone pulled the earth out from under their feet when they found out they had lost a family member in a sudden death incident. A strong support network is key to learning how to cope and move on in life.

Why grieving a sudden and unexpected loss is unique

While it might not have been the first time you experienced the loss of a loved one in your life, if it was the first time it happened unexpectedly and so suddenly, it can be difficult to process your grief. In cases where someone is terminally ill, for instance, you might be aware that the likely outcome is going to be death; therefore, you have time to come to terms with the situation before it occurs.

When you’re at work or home or wherever, and you receive a phone call telling you the person you had just seen and spoke to hours earlier is no longer with you, it can cause shock, disbelief, confusion, even anger. It’s helpful to tap into all available resources to seek encouragement and support as you process your grief.

Feelings of guilt and anger

It’s not uncommon for people in your situation to struggle with feelings of guilt. You may have had thoughts that if you had said or done something differently that day, you may have been able to save your loved one. If a distracted or drunk driver caused the collision that resulted in your family member’s fatal injuries, it’s understandable that you might feel frustrated and angry because such accidents are often easily preventable.

Allowing yourself to acknowledge whatever emotion you happen to feel is the first step toward healing. If you have questions regarding your loved one’s death, you can try to determine which ones are answerable, then seek assistance from those who can help you find the answers, such as the exact cause of death, what happened in the moments before the collision, as well as who was at the wheel of the other car.

Learning to live without your loved one

Nothing can replace the loss of human life. However, many Texas families say they found it therapeutic and helpful to seek justice on behalf of their deceased family members when driver negligence was the causal factor in their deaths. Doing so is also often helpful financially because families who file wrongful death claims may receive compensation to help offset funeral expenses and obtain financial recovery for all losses associated with a particular collision.


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