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Houston has a high rate of distracted driving

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2019 | Distracted Drivinng

Many people realize just how dangerous it can be to drink and drive, but what about distracted driving? Though a lot of people understand the risks associated, they may still engage in the practice, not realizing that some experts believe distracted driving to be just as serious as driving while intoxicated. That’s why Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center and AAA Texas decided to launch a campaign to educate the public about this potentially dangerous practice.

A representative of Memorial Hermann says that while mobile phones certainly are a source of distraction for drivers, there are other sources as well. Statistics from TxDOT reveal that a fifth of all crashes result from distracted driving. One AAA Texas representative says that he thinks the number could be even higher, since it can be difficult to get people to admit that they were driving while distracted.

Advocates want people to take a safe driving pledge, via a mobile phone app, SAFE 2 SAVE. It reminds drivers to avoid using their cellphones behind the wheel, and can even reward drivers who comply. Taking an online pledge gives drivers 750 bonus points in the app.

Experts say there are plenty of ways to stop distracted driving, including drivers putting their phones out of reach in the car, pulling over if they must use the phone or asking passengers to help. They also say that others can help improve statistics by not using their phones while walking or biking. It is also a good idea to speak out when someone sees a driver who isn’t practicing safe driving techniques.

Though safety measures and public awareness campaigns are an excellent idea, the sad fact is that many people will still engage in distracted driving. Those who have been hurt by or lost a loved one to a distracted driver may feel helpless, but there are legal options to hold those responsible accountable. An experienced personal injury attorney here in Texas can assist a family with civil litigation against those deemed at fault.


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