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Why do most car accidents happen on Texas roads?

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2019 | Uncategorized

If you are the victim of a car accident, you understand how this type of event can irrevocably change your life. One moment you are driving down the road, and the next you may be dealing with painful injuries and damage to your personal property. You may feel unsure of what to do next or how you can pick up the pieces from this type of traumatic event.

The aftermath of these types of events can be difficult and confusing. You may not be sure what factors played a role in what happened to you or who may be to blame for your accident. Learning more about the most common causes of car accidents can help you gain an understanding of how to move forward and whether you have grounds for a legal claim.

Why did your accident happen?

There are so many variables that contribute to car accidents. When determining the cause of an accident, police and people from the insurance company will look at various factors in order to determine the cause of your collision. Some of the most common causes of car accidents include the following: 

  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, which can impair judgment and affect reaction times
  • Distracted driving, often caused by cell phones or in-car technology features
  • Inexperienced drivers or drivers who are not familiar with local roads
  • Poorly maintained vehicles or dangerous road conditions
  • Driving with a medical condition that makes it more likely an accident will occur

It is possible that the crash that left you injured is the result of factors beyond your control. An assessment of your case and thorough evaluation of the details of your accident can reveal what happened, who or what may be to blame, and how to move forward from this point.

Types of compensation

A personal injury claim will not reverse what happened to you, but it can help you get what you need for a reasonable recovery. From getting your medical bills covered to seeking damages for your emotional losses, you have the right to fight for what you need to get better, address your financial concerns and look to the future with confidence. 

The civil justice system can be complex, but you do not have to navigate it on your own. You may find it beneficial to work with an experienced Texas attorney who can help you understand your legal options and walk you through the appropriate steps.


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