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Driving distractions are everywhere during the Christmas season

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2019 | Uncategorized

Smartphones are great tools for many different things, including making plans for the Christmas season. However, smartphones can be just as dangerous as they are helpful. It is easy to find yourself in an endless scroll on a social media app, so it is important to keep your phone out of reach while driving. A lot of drivers in Texas struggle to do this and minimize distractions during the holidays.

If you are worried about fitting all of your holiday parties into your schedule, you need to think about what you might happen on the way to those events. Distracted drivers can do much worse than make you late for a gift exchange. All it takes is one distracted driver to cause serious damage and injury.

Is talking on the phone a problem?

Unlike in the past, you can now talk to anyone, at any time and from virtually any location. This can be very helpful when you are shopping for gifts and want to ask for someone’s input. It is much less helpful when drivers choose to make calls behind the wheel instead of at the mall. Talking on a handheld device increases the chances of causing a car wreck 220%. Dialing the phone is even worse, and a driver typing in or selecting a phone number has a shocking 1,200% greater chance of crashing.

According to TrueMotion, you might be less likely to encounter a driver who is on the phone than in years past. From November 18, 2017 to January 3, 2018, TrueMotion collected data that measured the distracted driving behaviors of 3,000 people. Drivers are actually talking on the phone less frequently than they used to, but that does not necessarily mean you are safer.

Active phone use among distracted drivers

TrueMotion’s data found that the average person uses 9% of his or her driving time to text, look at social media and write emails. Not only is it terrifying to realize just how distracted most drivers actually are, the news gets worse. On Christmas, active phone use shoots up 33%.

Some people choose to text while driving because they are running late to a party or other holiday event. Showing up late is certainly stressful, especially with extra holiday traffic on the road. Drivers in this position usually end up speeding to arrive as soon as possible, and this alone is very dangerous. A driver who is both speeding and texting is a danger to everyone on the road.

You deserve better during Christmas time

Texas residents deal with a lot of stress this time of year. There is constant pressure to buy the perfect gifts and plan the best holiday events. You understand that you cannot let this stress influence how you drive, but the person who hit you apparently did not.

Distractions existed long before smartphones. Whether the driver who caused your accident was on the phone, adjusting the radio or even eating, you can choose to hold him or her responsible for those actions. This is usually best accomplished with a personal injury suit, but you will have to prove why the other driver was at fault. Making this argument can be complicated, but you could choose to get the help of a knowledgeable attorney during this process.


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