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Wrecks can be a pain in the neck, but you can seek compensation

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2019 | Uncategorized

You look in the rearview mirror while on the road, only to see that a fellow motorist behind you is driving speedily and inching closer and closer to your car. Then, it happens: the driver hits you from behind, leaving you suffering pain in the neck area.

Rear-end car accidents are notorious for causing motorists to suffer injuries to their soft tissue, namely whiplash. However, if another driver’s carelessness led to your whiplash, then you have the right to seek compensation. Here is a rundown on what whiplash is and how to seek compensation for this type of injury.

What is whiplash?

Whiplash remains the most frequently occurring type of injury to the soft tissue. It can easily take place in a rear-end car accident because the impact of another car crashing into your car from behind causes your head to move in a violent back-and-forth motion. Other names for this kind of injury include cervical strain, cervical sprain and hyperextension injury.

A common misnomer regarding whiplash is that only high-speed crashes can cause such an injury. The reality is that even a low-speed collision can harm your neck’s ligaments, muscles and vertebrae.

Indicators of whiplash

You may not always immediately recognize the signs of whiplash. In some car accident situations, whiplash sufferers discover this kind of injury days after their accidents happened. Here are some signs that you may have suffered whiplash in your car wreck:

  • Memory issues
  • Concentration challenges
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Issues with balance/equilibrium
  • Feeling of stiffness and tightness in your neck
  • Dull pain in your neck
  • Pain in your back

Based on your particular injury, a doctor may treat you by immobilizing your neck with a cervical collar or brace, or he or she may require you to complete physical therapy. Massage therapy or the use of muscle relaxants may also be necessary. Meanwhile, in a severe whiplash case, you might have to undergo surgery to correct the extensive damage done to your ligaments or muscles.

Your rights following a car crash that causes whiplash

It is within your rights to file a personal injury claim against the negligent driver who caused you to suffer whiplash in your car wreck. You must demonstrate that the other driver was responsible for your injuries due to careless driving behavior before a judge will adjudicate your claim for financial damages. In a case fought successfully, you might receive an award that may help with covering your medical bills and other losses tied to your whiplash-causing accident.


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