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Do night driving glasses actually work?

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2020 | Car Accidents

Having a hard time seeing clearly while you drive at night is not uncommon, especially for people over the age of 40. It can be difficult to see the road and even more so when bright headlights are coming towards you.

Some have taken to wearing “night driving glasses” in an attempt to solve vision issues.

What are they?

The non-prescription, yellow-tinted lenses are available at many eyewear stores, online shops and even Amazon. They are typically worn for shooting sports but have recently been touted as a solution for vision issues. Their anti-reflective coating helps bird hunters see animals against the sky and is said to get rid of streetlight reflections and headlight glare.

Do they work?

Most reports say no. The Schepens Eye Research Institute found that those who wore the glasses at night had no improved sight when compared to those without. While some with the night glasses actually had a slower response to pedestrians in the experiment, the most significant factor found was age. Their response times were slower than younger participants, no matter if they wore the yellow glasses or not.

In fact, many experts are saying that the glasses could actually be detrimental to your night vision. Alex Hwang with Schepens Eye Research Institute told journalists that tinted glasses are essentially the same thing as wearing sunglasses at night since they are cutting out light. So, not only are they not helpful, they can make your vision worse while driving at night.

What does work?

The best way to remedy night vision issues is to talk to your eye doctor. You may simply need a new prescription.

If you are worried about your vision while driving, get an expert opinion as soon as you can. You may be increasing your risk of accident or of injuring others while driving without sufficient view of the road.


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