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A legal remedy for family survivors in the wake of a loved one’s loss

On Behalf of | May 13, 2020 | Wrongful Death

There is no mincing of words when it comes to what is important following a loved one’s fatality tied to wrongful death.

The focus for surviving family members is unquestionably on grieving and coming to terms with an unimaginable and tragic loss. There is no way to sidestep or accelerate that process. Everything else in life is seemingly put on hold.

The law recognizes that, with courts duly appreciating that a legal remedy – regardless of what it secures – can never adequately compensate a family for a wrongful death outcome.

We underscore that reality at the established Houston-area personal injury law firm of B.L. Jensen, L.P. We also stress on our website, though, that, “While no amount of money can replace what you have lost, a wrongful death action can help you and your family obtain financial security for the future.”

The potential benefits secured via a wrongful death remedy marked by maximum compensation are both multiple and meaningful for family survivors. They include financial help that can be valuable in the following ways:

  • Pay for funeral and related expenses
  • Replace lost wages, sometimes for decades
  • Pay medical bills
  • Provide emotional support and compensate for pain and suffering

Many claimants also find that taking strong and timely legal action following a loved one’s loss owing to third-party negligence greatly promotes healing and peace of mind. A remedy assigns accountability and can also deter similar wrongdoing in the future.

Texas law requires that a wrongful death claim be filed within a stated time period. A proven personal injury attorney can provide relevant information and also diligent representation focused always on securing an optimal legal outcome.


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