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Month: July 2020

Are SUVs safe vehicles for families?

One of the greatest ironies of pickup trucks is that despite their large sizes and how much damage they can cause in an accident, they have some of the worst crash scores. Not surprisingly, you might wonder if SUVs suffer the same fate, especially SUVs that might...

SUVs and dangers to pedestrians

By nature, pedestrians are at a disadvantage when amidst a sea of vehicles. Like motorcyclists and bicyclists, they lack the shell of protection around them that a car, truck or other vehicle provides. Even though drivers should operate vehicles safely and yield to...

Why might your car accident go to court?

After a car accident, you may assume that the insurance companies will handle everything. While that certainly may happen, in many cases, it does not due to the high costs of medical care and other expenses that come as a result of the crash.


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