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Are SUVs safe vehicles for families?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | Car Accidents

One of the greatest ironies of pickup trucks is that despite their large sizes and how much damage they can cause in an accident, they have some of the worst crash scores. Not surprisingly, you might wonder if SUVs suffer the same fate, especially SUVs that might share the body-on-frame design of pickup trucks. 

SUVs remain a solid choice for family vehicles on the road. However, like pickup trucks, they are capable of causing great damage in crashes, so keep this in mind. 

Top U.S. News picks

Naturally, some SUVs are built safer than others. Here are the top three recommendations from U.S. News: 

  1. Hyundai Palisade:  The NHTSA gave this SUV a five-star rating for safety. The vehicle also earned a place on the top safety list provided by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.  
  2. Kia Telluride: While the NHTSA gave this an overall five-star rating, the car lost a star for its frontal crash rating. It did ace the crash test scores from the IIHS. 
  3. Subaru Ascent: This is another SUV with a five-star review from the NHTSA for overall performance. Like the Palisade, IIHS also named it a top safety pick. 

This list does not constitute an endorsement. In fact, there are several other brands consumers can and should look into before making a decision. 

Safety features

Newer SUVs tend to be safer than older ones because of the safety features they include. When you are purchasing a vehicle, it is often a good idea to find one where more safety features come standard instead of optional, especially if you plan to buy one brand-new. 

Here are some of the safety features that help you avoid an accident: 

  • Blindspot warning 
  • Forward-collision warning 
  • Adaptive cruise control 
  • Automatic emergency braking 
  • Lane departure warning 

There is no one vehicle that can promise to keep your family safe no matter what. However, looking at vehicles that have high safety ratings and a wealth of safety features might present a good start. 


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