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What are the most dangerous vehicles on the road?

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2020 | Car Accidents

There are many factors that play into how well you fair in an accident situation. One of the biggest factors that influence the severity of your injuries is the type of vehicle you are driving.

According to Forbes, research shows some vehicles provide less protection and increase the chances that you will suffer serious injuries or death in a crash.

Worst vehicles

Regardless of anything else, smaller cars and sports cars are two times as likely to be in a deadly accident than other vehicles. Subcompact cars and SUVs are at the top due to the size and low weight of these vehicles. Heavier and larger vehicles simply protect better due to the laws of physics.

In addition, small vehicles and sports cars often lack safety features that larger vehicles have. Plus, sports cars have a design and image that encourages reckless driving and speeding.

Some makes and models, in general, have a higher accident history than others. Whether that is due to how people drive these vehicles or that they lack safety features, when buying a new vehicle, it is always worth checking into safety history.

Best vehicles

The best vehicles are those that are larger and packed with advanced safety features. Multiple airbags are common in many vehicles and help to increase the chances you will walk away from an accident.

Special systems, including detection systems, are also valuable in helping you to avoid an accident completely. All new vehicles have enhanced safety features, which make them safer than older models, which is something to keep in mind when buying a used vehicle.


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