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Accidents and the concern for self-driving vehicles

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2020 | Car Accidents

No matter how many years of driving experience a motorist has, it is likely that he or she has seen their fair share of collisions on the roadways. Some may have been through several themselves. Nonetheless, a motorist is likely to know when and how an accident happened when he or she is involved in one. Unfortunately, this may not be completely evident for technology. Specifically, self-driving cars may not know when the vehicle is involved in a crash, opening up a world of concerns when it comes to addressing the accident as a whole for those involved.

Dynamics of an accident

A car accident can look vastly different from one collision to the next. However, whether it is a head-on collision, side-swipe, rollover, rear-ending, pile-up or a minor fender-bender, these are all defined as being a crash. Although they may not involve injuries or significant damage, they are an accident nonetheless. No matter the results of a crash, it is fair to say that when a motorist is involved in a crash, they know so, as they are likely to feel, hear, see and even smell it.

While it is easy for a motorist or passenger to note that an accident is imminent or just happened, this may not be the same case for a self-driving car. In other words, a self-driving car may not be able to discern that it has been involve din a crash. This could lead it to leave the scene of a crash site or even delay medical assistance for those harmed in the crash.

Dangers of a self-driving vehicle

A self-driving car is one that does not require any human assistance, while a semi-autonomous vehicle requires a human driver to co-share the driving responsibilities. Currently, there is no true self-driving vehicle; however, efforts are being made to get the ball rolling for this to occur on selective roadways. Nonetheless, this is viewed as creating an all life or all death guinea pig experiment, as it creates a scenario where a human driver does not take over if a dangerous situation arises.

These concerns arise as there are already issues with human drivers falling asleep at the wheel of semi-autonomous vehicle. This has caused some misleading information that these vehicles are entirely self-driving. However, in a self-driving car, all occupants are passengers, which then leads to questions about liability if an accident were to occur.

No matter the type or magnitude of an accident, a victim of a car crash could suffer significantly. The aftermath of a crash could cause physical, emotional and mental distress. As a means to offset these damages, a victim could file a personal injury action. This civil suit could help establish cause and liability and aid in the recovery of compensation for losses suffered.


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