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Are newer vehicles automatically safer?

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2021 | Car Accidents

When the time comes to purchase a new vehicle in Texas, the car’s safety features may rank high on a consumer’s priority list. Many car shoppers feel lucky these days as vehicles lacked many safety components in generations past. While it’s true that cars 30 years ago lacked modern tech benefits, shoppers shouldn’t assume that all new vehicles are inherently safer.

Changes may bring risks

At one time, the arrival of airbags represented a tremendous stride in safety. Today, consumers look at lane departure warnings, cross-traffic alerts and other technological features and see great value. Their inclusion brings benefits, but they also bring risks. For instance, drivers might spend too much time relying on safety technology.

Safety technology has its limitations, so drivers must still do their part to stay safe when driving. Blind-spot monitoring technology does not remove a driver’s responsibility to look before changing lanes. The failure to perform all necessary safety steps could lead to making a careless mistake. Negligence, in turn, might lead someone into a lawsuit.

Technology also boosts the entertainment and information accessible to drivers. Unfortunately, a podcast, GPS or integrated smartphone opens doors to potential distractions. A distracted driver may find him or herself in a severe and possibly fatal accident.

Things don’t always work as expected

Even the best vehicles may suffer from defects and malfunctions. For example, seat belts might fail, leading to a severe injury. A recent report shows that women may experience greater injuries than men in a car wreck despite wearing a seat belt. If a seat belt fails to work, a manufacturer or another potentially responsible party might face a lawsuit.

Technology might not work as intended, either. Certain features could fail as mishaps with driverless cars show. A warning that doesn’t go off as promised represents another example of a potential liability suit.

Car accidents happen with all kinds of vehicles, so people shouldn’t assume any increased safety from a vehicle merely because it is more recent. In the aftermath of a collision, an attorney may help injured parties understand their next steps.


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