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Crucial evidence for truck accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Most auto accidents in Texas are minimal in severity with fender benders being some of the most commonly reported incidents. However, accidents with large commercial truck vehicles are on the rise and can result in serious injuries or even death. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that accidents with these large vehicles will not involve the same procedure as with another civilian. The following includes a detailed explanation of the evidence you need to obtain during this type of accident in order to hold the trucking company or driver responsible for the crash.

Collecting accident reports

In the event of a truck accident, the officer who arrives at the scene first is likely to create for you a report of the accident. However, this report can often be filled with missing information. Thus, it is highly recommended for you to begin collecting witness statements from anyone who saw the accident happening. This, along with the police report, should add to the strength of your case if you believe that the truck driver was at fault.

Electronic logging devices

Under federal law, trucking companies must have an electronic record for each of their trucks and drivers. Unfortunately, drowsy truck drivers tend to cause most of the accidents on the road. This may seem hard to prove in court, but it’s easier if your attorney can get a hold of these electronic records. The log may provide an insight into just how long the truck was driven and how fast prior to the accident.

Requesting a spoliation letter

Drowsy driving isn’t the only thing that can lead to an accident. Your attorney may request a spoliation letter, which is a request to the trucking company to preserve and release any information relating to the truck and the driver. Documentation that may add to your case includes the truck’s inspection history and the driver’s certification.

Truck accidents can be quite different when it comes to proving your case in court. It is always recommended to bring on an attorney who is experienced dealing with truck drivers and their employers.


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