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Car Accidents

Are newer vehicles automatically safer?

When the time comes to purchase a new vehicle in Texas, the car's safety features may rank high on a consumer's priority list. Many car shoppers feel lucky these days as vehicles lacked many safety components in generations past. While it's true that cars 30 years ago...

Pedestrian deaths reach 30-year high

Many Bellaire area residents like to go walking or jogging to get in their daily exercise. However, pedestrians and joggers face risks when they share the road with cars. In 2019, the number of pedestrians killed on U.S. roads hit a 30-year high, according to the...

Fatal head-on car accident Saturday night

Luckily, most car accidents are minor “fender benders,” not the horrific piles of metal we see nearly nightly on the news. The Bellaire and Houston metro-area roads are heavily trafficked. After all, we live in one of the most populous areas of Texas that is a...

Seven reasons for motorcycle accidents

Many people who live in the Houston area enjoy riding their motorcycle. They have many months of good weather where they can ride their motorcycle to work, to the store, or just for fun. Most of the time a motorcyclist can share the road safely with other vehicles but...

Marijuana and intoxicated driving

In recent years, marijuana has become increasingly accepted across the U.S. However, the use of marijuana while on the road is especially concerning and many drivers cause accidents because they are intoxicated. Some people think that marijuana is safer than alcohol...


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