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SUV Accidents

SUVs and dangers to pedestrians

By nature, pedestrians are at a disadvantage when amidst a sea of vehicles. Like motorcyclists and bicyclists, they lack the shell of protection around them that a car, truck or other vehicle provides. Even though drivers should operate vehicles safely and yield to...

How to safely operate an SUV

Safely operating a vehicle is important for not only you, but those in your vehicle and those on the roads around you. There is a big difference between driving a car and driving an SUV. The difference is that SUVs have a higher chance of rollover when driven at high...

How to spot a drunk drivers in Texas

Drunk driving is a serious issue throughout the state of Texas. Law enforcement agencies do all they can to stem this issue, but the sad fact of the matter is that too many people make bad decisions. Here are some tips for spotting drunk drivers on the roads of Texas...

More SUVs seeing upgrades in safety tests

For years, SUVs have gained in popularity because of their perceived notion of safety. Essentially, riding higher than other passenger cars made drivers feel safer. However, this belief does not always translate to actual safety. Because of this, automakers have dealt...

A passenger in your SUV can distract you

Distracted driving continues to be a problem on the roads of Texas and across the country. Law enforcement agencies are cracking down on the use of handheld devices while behind the wheel, but this is an epidemic that cannot be solved. A common type of distracted...

Distracted drivers and SUV accidents in Texas

Distracted drivers are all over the roads of Texas these days for various reasons. They are not found in one particular vehicle or another, but those operating SUVs can be particularly dangerous. Driving distracted in any size car is dangerous, but doing so in an SUV...

How to safely operate an SUV on Texas roads

Driving an SUV is much different than driving a regular motor vehicle. SUVs are higher, narrower and more susceptible to rollovers than regular cars. Knowing how to handle an SUV properly will keep you safe when driving on the roads of Houston, Texas.If you are new to...


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