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Vehicle Rollovers

Why do vehicle rollovers happen?

A vehicle rollover accident can have devastating consequences. Along with significant damage to your vehicle, you may also experience severe injuries that have a lasting effect on your life. In some cases, a rollover accident may even lead to loss of life. While not...

Man dies in Houston rollover crash

Second only too high-speed, head-on collisions, vehicle rollover crashes are extremely deadly for those drivers and passengers inside the tumbling car or truck. When a vehicle is rolling over, its driver has lost all control of it and is truly at the mercy of fate for...

The causes of vehicle rollovers

A vehicle rollover -- whether there is an initial crash that causes it or not -- can be particularly violent. Victims of rollovers often suffer serious and even fatal injuries. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about the common causes of rollovers and who is...

Can you avoid an accident on black ice?

Winter is off to a heck of a start, even in southern cities like Houston. The freezing cold temps make one road hazard a lot more likely — black ice.Do you know how to safely navigate your vehicle over patches of black ice? Learn how to recognize and be prepared...


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