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Anesthesia Errors In Texas

Sedation through anesthesia is a fundamental aspect of quality medical care. An anesthesia mistake is a critical error to avoid at all costs when undergoing surgery. In fact, an anesthesia error most likely indicates medical malpractice.

A patient who does not receive enough painkiller because of actions of a negligent nurse anesthetist may feel that he or she is undergoing torture during an operation. On the other hand, a patient who is given too much anesthetizing medication can suffer hypoxic brain damage. Being able to have confidence in one’s anesthesiologist is an important aspect of preparation for surgery.

Two Common Problem Areas In Anesthesia

Two of the most critical areas involving anesthesia before and during surgery include induction and extubation. Most problems related to anesthesia occur in connection to one of these two aspects of sedation for the purpose of operating on a patient.

You may be given the opportunity to meet your anesthesiologist before surgery. If you have run across this web page before an operation in Texas has taken place, keep in mind this key question: “Will the anesthesiologist be there during induction and extubation?”

If the answer is that a nurse or technician will handle these critical procedures, you might want to ask the anesthesiologist for reassurance that he or she will be physically present. A trained physician will be much better prepared to respond appropriately if something goes wrong.

Contact An Experienced Pasadena Anesthesiologist Malpractice Attorney

If you believe you or your loved one suffered harm because of Houston anesthesia errors, lawyer analysis of your case is recommended. You may have suffered because of medical malpractice related to the anesthesia you were expected to receive during surgery.

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