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When Medical Malpractice Leads To Death

When a loved one dies in a medical setting, the family can be left searching for answers. Was the death preventable? Did the doctor or someone else do everything he or she should have? Getting answers can sometimes be difficult.

At the law offices of B. L. Jensen, L.P., in Houston, you can rest assured that your questions will be addressed in a thorough investigation. Brian Jensen is a board-certified medical malpractice attorney with nearly 40 years of experience handling wrongful death cases. As a team, our attorneys and staff work together and tirelessly pursue answers even in cases where doctors and hospitals do not want to admit negligence.

What Is Wrongful Death Due To Medical Negligence?

Sometimes people die even when doctors and hospital staff did everything they should have. However, sometimes deaths occur because a medical provider made a mistake that could have and should have been prevented. A death that occurs due to negligence is considered a wrongful death.

Investigating a death in a medical setting is a search for the truth. We examine medical records, interview hospital staff and consult experts to determine if the death was due to negligence. If so, we will seek full compensation for your family.

The following are examples of hospital or doctor errors that lead to patient deaths:

  • Surgical or anesthesia error
  • Medication error
  • Failure to diagnose heart attack, cancer or other disease
  • Hospital-acquired infections
  • Birth and delivery errors

Our law firm has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for family members of wrongful death victims and victims of medical malpractice.

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