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What To Do When A Drunk Driver Causes An Accident

Were in you an accident caused by a drunk driver? Do you wonder how another driver’s alleged drunk driving might affect the outcome of your claim for compensation after a car accident?

Compensation in the form of punitive damages is often greatly enhanced in drunk driving accidents. Many people consider drunk driving to be a clear example of gross negligence, or intentional wrongdoing with great potential for harm of others. Sometimes the person who was intoxicated knew in advance that he or she was putting the lives of other people in danger through the selfish action of drinking and driving.

Providing Skilled Legal Help To Accident Victims In Texas

If you or someone you loved was injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by a drunk driver, it is important to explore all relevant facts surrounding the accident. An experienced personal injury attorney can examine each piece of evidence while building a strong case for compensation for injuries and losses.

The Houston drunk driving accident lawyers at B. L. Jensen, L.P., understand your desire for justice and your need for compensation after you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury in a drunk driving accident. We put our nearly 40 years of experience to work for you as you seek to move forward after a fatal accident or serious personal injury.

Holding Bars And Liquor Stores Responsible

Did a server at a restaurant, bar or sporting event give the driver another beer, another glass of wine or another cocktail despite his or her drunken appearance or underage status? Besides the responsibility of the drunk driver in a DUI car accident case, dram shop law may apply. Dram shop law can hold the alcohol server or supplier potentially liable in a car accident resulting in injury.

Call Today To Schedule Your Free Consultation With A DUI Accident Attorney

If you have been the victim of a serious car or truck accident involving an inebriated driver, call or email B. L. Jensen, L.P., today. With four decades of experience aggressively representing traffic accident victims in Texas, we are ready to work hard to get you the full and just compensation you deserve. Call us at or 832-460-3366 toll free today.

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