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Compensation For Fatal And Serious Accident Victims And Survivors

After a loved one has been killed or suffered serious injuries in a car accident or workplace accident, most families are at least temporarily at a loss as to how to cope.

Who will pay the medical bills? How will the loss of the deceased loved one’s contributions to the family be compensated for? What about loss of income of a spouse or parent who must quit work to become nurse or caregiver for the accident victim with a catastrophic injury? If medical insurance is not sufficient, will other sources of income such as Medicaid or Social Security Disability be available? Is there sufficient justification to sue a negligent motorist, property owner or health care provider?

Helping You Obtain Compensation To Cover Your Losses

A prompt consultation with an experienced wrongful death lawyer or catastrophic injury attorney is strongly advisable. A detailed investigation into the causes of a Texas truck wreck or a serious slip-and-fall accident often provides the keys to a successful claim for compensation from negligent parties.

At the law offices of B. L. Jensen, L.P., in Houston, clients can rest assured that their urgent questions and concerns will be thoroughly addressed. Getting to know the family and the place that the injured or deceased accident victim had in the family is part of our investigation. Other aspects of the investigation may include accident reconstruction, discussions with doctors and detailed review of insurance policies.

With nearly 40 years of experience, our attorneys are well-qualified to handle your loved one’s fatal accident case or catastrophic injury case involving any of the following:

Contact A Sugar Land Fatal Accident Attorney

We know what goes into a successful injury claim. To establish fault and negligence on the part of another motorist, a manufacturer or a property owner, a skilled Houston serious accident lawyer will leave no stone unturned while collecting and preserving the evidence necessary to prove a case. If your family member was seriously injured or was the victim of a deadly accident, call us at or 832-460-3366 toll free, or email us today.

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