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Helping People Injured In Commercial Vehicle Accidents

We share the road with hundreds of commercial vehicles every day. Companies of all sizes have their own vehicles running errands or making deliveries. While many of these drivers are careful and professional on the road, accidents do happen. If you have been in an accident involving a commercial vehicle, you need a Houston lawyer with the experience to handle the resistance commonly put up to paying full compensation by the driver’s company and its insurance carrier.

Your Zealous, Experienced Advocate

After your accident, you have many problems to deal with. Serious injuries involve physical, mental and financial burdens that are hard to bear. You need a strong advocate to help protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve. At B. L. Jensen, L.P., we can help you through this difficult time.

Our firm has a long track record of success in getting maximum compensation for injured clients, including those hurt by commercial trucks or other vehicles. We have a reputation as a firm that stands up for our clients. We are willing to go to court if the insurance carrier is refusing to compensate you properly.

Commercial vehicles may include any of the following:

  • Food delivery cars and trucks
  • Flower delivery vans
  • Package delivery vans such as UPS and FedEx vehicles
  • Mail trucks
  • Furniture delivery trucks
  • Office supply delivery trucks
  • Construction vehicles

The insurance carriers for many companies that run commercial vehicles will send an agent to the scene of the accident as quickly as possible. This person’s job is to investigate the accident and mitigate liability on the company’s part as much as possible. This may include trying to put the blame for the accident onto you. They have attorneys on hand to protect their bottom line, even if that means cheating you out of what you deserve.

We will investigate your accident thoroughly. We know how to gather and present evidence to show fault on the part of the commercial driver and present your case to the company’s insurance carrier. Evidence in these cases can disappear quickly. If you have been severely injured, you need to file a claim as soon as possible following the accident to ensure that your interests are protected.

Contact A Texas Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer For Your Free Initial Consultation

Call the law firm of B. L. Jensen, L.P., at or toll free at 832-460-3366, or send an email to schedule a time to come in and talk about your commercial vehicle accident. Home and hospital visits can be arranged if you are unable to come to the office. Three convenient locations are available to serve you.

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