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Holding Tired Truck Drivers Responsible For Crashes

Truck drivers frequently push themselves to the limit when driving. Because of this, many truck drivers end up driving while fatigued, which can cause serious accidents. If you have been severely injured in an accident caused by truck driver fatigue, you need a Houston lawyer with extensive experience in handling personal injury cases.

Zealous Representation, Personal Service

Brian Jensen is a board-certified personal injury lawyer and has been in practice for almost 40 years. He has an excellent track record of obtaining maximum compensation for his clients who have been injured in truck accidents. When you hire the law firm of B. L. Jensen, L.P., you will be guided through the process of filing a personal injury claim, step by step. You will work with one of our lawyers directly instead of communicating through a paralegal or a secretary.

Truck drivers and trucking companies typically have insurance carriers that send out a representative to the accident scene as quickly as possible to assess the damage and mitigate liability on their parts. You need a skilled attorney who can counter these aggressive tactics and help you obtain full and fair compensation for your injuries.

Reckless Behavior That Can Cause A Wreck

Truck drivers are required to follow guidelines laid out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regarding how many hours they drive before taking a break or getting a certain amount of sleep. Drivers who spend too much time on the road may suffer from sleep deprivation, causing them to not pay attention to their surroundings or even fall asleep at the wheel.

We will fully investigate your accident, including reviewing all driver logs, which may be doctored to show less driving time than was actually done. We will also gain access to the information stored in the truck’s black box, which can record speed and length of time spent on the road. Our legal team can use this information to show fault on the part of the truck driver who caused your accident.

Contact A Texas Trucking Accident Lawyer For Your Free Initial Consultation

Call the law firm of B. L. Jensen, L.P., at or toll free at 832-460-3366, or send an email to schedule a time to come in and talk about your truck accident. Home and hospital visits can be arranged if you are unable to come to the office. We have three convenient locations to serve you.

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